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Here at (referred to as “,” “We,”), we are committed to maintaining transparency with our users and providing comprehensive information about our affiliations with different partners. This affiliate disclosure is designed to keep you informed about our associations with third-party entities and their potential influence on your experience while using our platform.

Affiliate Relationships:

We collaborate with online gambling operators, gaming platforms, and related firms through affiliate programs. Through these affiliations, we have the opportunity to receive a commission when you, our esteemed user, click on our affiliate links and partake in activities like signing up, making deposits, or playing games on the linked websites.

How This Affects You:

No Extra Charges

Clicking on our affiliate links and engaging with the linked websites will not incur any additional costs for you. In fact, some of these affiliate links may even grant you exclusive bonuses or special offers that are not available elsewhere.


We place a high value on transparency and ethical business conduct. Be assured that our recommendations are the result of extensive research and are influenced by the quality of services offered by our partners. Our primary objective is to furnish you with valuable information and ensure you have the finest gaming experiences possible.


While we may earn commissions from our affiliates, this does not influence our reviews, rankings, or recommendations. We maintain independence and integrity in our assessments, and our content is based on objective criteria and user experiences.

Your Choice Matters:

It’s essential to understand that you have the freedom to choose whether to use our affiliate links or navigate directly to the recommended websites. Your decision will not impact your access to information or the quality of service you receive.

By using our platform and interacting with our affiliate links, you acknowledge and accept our affiliate relationships and the potential for us to earn commissions through these partnerships. We are committed to serving you, our users, to the best of our ability, and we appreciate your trust in our recommendations.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our affiliate disclosure or any other aspect of our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Your feedback is valuable to us as we continually strive to enhance your online gambling experience.

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Last Updated: 10.10.2023