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Updated 16.09.2022

How do I bet in Aviator?

First, practice in fan mode

After switching to a real game, place a bet, depending on your bankroll. However, in any case, we recommend starting with a small amount. Check the statistics of the dropped multipliers. Wait for a series of lows (less than 1.5) to pass and then start betting. Initially, try to hit «Cash Out» on low multipliers. This way you will avoid losing quickly. You can also set the automatic «Cash Out» feature by clicking «Auto» above the big green button and setting the multiplier value below it to your desired value. This low-risk strategy won’t make you rich in a matter of seconds, but it will give you the opportunity to study the game and earn money to move on to bigger games.

How to hack the Aviator game online?

The principle of the game Aviator is based on the «Provably Fair» technology. On one hand, this process is properly encrypted, and on the other, it is absolutely transparent, so that any player can check its fairness. Thus, no one has yet been able to hack the result of the game.

How to win with Aviator crash game signals?

Recently, there are many videos on YouTube, mobile applications and other sources stating that during the game you can catch certain signals that will help you to win. However, we believe that the significance of such signals is exaggerated, and they do not provide any guarantee of winning. Therefore, you must decide on your own whether to trust such signals or not.

Which Android models can I download Aviator to?

Currently, there is no official application of the game Aviator for Android or iOS. You can download a third-party app from a trusted source. Such an APK can be downloaded on Android 5.0+.

How do I get my free bet in Aviator?

The Aviator game has such a promotion as «Rain Promo». This feature adds free bets while playing at random times. The function is available to all players by tapping the «Claim» button.

What documents are needed to withdraw money from the Aviator game?

It depends on the online casino where you play the Aviator game and on the amount of your winnings. The standard KYC procedure involves submitting a copy of your ID or passport and your selfie with this document. In case of a big win, casino security may require additional documents to verify your identity, such as a utility bill.

How to place your first bet in the Aviator game?

Log into the game. Select the amount you wish to bet on the panel to the left of the big green button «Bet». Click on this button. When the plane starts to fly, press «Cash Out» before it leaves the screen. If you have time, your bet will be multiplied by the odd (xNumber) at which your bet worked. The amount of your balance, which is shown in the upper right corner of the screen, will increase.

How to calculate the Aviator game?

You can calculate the payback percentage using the online ROI (Return on Investment) calculator or by the following formula:

ROI = P / S x 100%,

where «P» is profit and «S» is the sum of all bets.

How to study the Aviator game?

You can get an answer to this question by watching videos on YouTube or by reading the detailed description in our «Tips and Tricks» section, as well as by practicing in the game’s demo mode.

How to earn money playing Aviator?

To do this, you should first practice in demo mode, using one of the strategies that have been devised. There are many examples, but the most popular ones are:

However, the safest way to win in Aviator is to bet small and get out with a multiplier between 1.2 and 1.5. This will not allow you to earn a lot at once, but it will give you the opportunity to slowly and gradually build up the capital.