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Updated 06.02.2024

Nowadays, we often face questions like «What does Provably Fair mean and how does it work? How can Provably Fair be hacked or How to win it?» We will try to answer all these questions but first, let’s figure out what it is. 

What is Provably Fair Gaming?

Provably Fair Gambling

Thus, Provably Fair in the gambling industry is a process by which any player can personally verify the fairness of the game they play at an online casino. To do this, a special code or Provably Fair Algorithm is generated. With the help of this algorithm, an encrypted key is created with the final results of the game and the initial key, which will allow the player to verify the fairness of the game at the end of the round.

The impossibility of influencing the process is provided by three components:

  1. Server seed – provided by the casino;
  2. Player seed (sometimes several) – generated by your browser;
  3. Nonce – a special variable that increases by one with each round of the game, so that later you can track the dynamics of the session.

Before the start of the round, you receive an encrypted server seed hash. It already contains the result of the round, so the casino cannot change it even if they want to. Also, since you get this hash in encrypted form, you can’t use it to predict a Provably Fair game outcome.

To check the fairness of the game, you need to take two simple steps:

  1. Verify that the hashed server seed value received from the casino is the actual hash of the unhashed server seed value. You can use an online tool like Xorbin to check the seed. Use it to generate a SHA256 hash of the unhashed seed. If these two hashes match, then everything is OK and your game is fair.
  2. Generate each roll result on your own and then compare them to the rolls you made at the casino. To do this, it is also better to use an online tool to speed up the process.

So, let’s compare a regular gaming portal and an online casino using Provably Fair technology and for clarity, it would be more convenient do it in the form of a table:

Provably Fair CasinoRegular Casino
Due to the use of the «Provably Fair» algorithm, no control is required from the regulatory authoritiesQuality control of games by the licensing authority is required
Any player can personally verify the fairness of the game, thanks to the transparency of the processPlayers do not have the opportunity to check the fairness of the game
Thanks to the «Provably Fair» technology, third-party certification of games is not requiredTrustworthy are those games that have been certified by reputable companies

As we can see, the online casino that uses the Provably Fair system looks more convincing.

Is it possible to cheat and hack this technology?

The number of requests on the Internet related to the possibility of hacking or cheating «Provably Fair» games is quite big. Some sources even offer hacking instructions. However, we do not recommend trusting such sources. You are very likely to either fall into the trap of scammers or infect your device with a virus. 

The «Provably Fair» system doesn’t just use a seed-based random results algorithm, it also provides an opportunity for all interested parties to verify this seed after the round has been played. This means that a hacking attempt will be instantly detected by the casino security service or any player who notices this interference. Thus, we can conclude that the «Provably Fair» technology is very secure, reliable and has not yet been hacked.

Provably Fair calculator 

Let’s estimate the percentage of losses using the Provably Fair calculator, say, for the game «Aviator», based on the Martingale strategy. Recall that this strategy is to double the bet on a loss and return to the original bet on a win. 

Here you could calculate your Win strategy with one of our Strategy Simulator:

Martingale Strategy Simulator

Enter the data for make the calculations with the Martingale Strategy Simulator:

RoundBet AmountRound ResultBankroll
Paroli System Simulator

Enter the data for make the calculations with the Paroli System Simulator:

RoundBet AmountRound ResultBankroll
Labouchère System Calculator

Enter the data for make the calculations with the Labouchère System

Current BetPrevious OutcomeRemaining SequenceCurrent AmountTarget Amount
d’Alembert Strategy Calculator

Enter the data for make the calculations with the d’Alembert Strategy

Current BetMultiplierPrevious Game OutcomeBankroll

So, let’s say we bet $1 always on «Head», with a $100 bankroll. The value of Multiply Loss in our case is 2 (doubling Martingale bets), and the Increase in % is 100.00. For convenience, we will enter the results of calculations in the table:

Roll No.Bet AmountLossWinLosing Streak Odds %
odds calculator

As you can see from the table, the chances of a further losing streak decrease with each loss. On the other hand, the chances of winning increase.

You should keep in mind that when using the Martingale System, your bets increase exponentially. So, when you’re not sure if the next roll will win, always play with a bankroll that you can afford to lose. In this case, the eighth roll will knock you out of your $100 bankroll.

Popular games using a Provably Fair system 

Recently, more and more online casinos use «Provably Fair» games. Some manufacturers are also paying increased attention to this technology. For example, all games from such a provider as Spribe are marked «Provably Fair». 

Below we present a list of some popular games developed with this technology:

Mini Games from Spribe

AviatorA quick crash game, RTP 97%, demo and real money mode, free bets and Rein Promo features
MinesA quick boom game, RTP 97%, free bets and Rein Promo, demo/$ modes
Fortune WheelA quick show game, RTP 97%, demo and real $ mode, free bets and Rein Promo options

Tabel Games & Slots from BGaming

Princess of SkyRTP 95.99%, Free Spins, Scatter, Wild, Sub Symbol 
Lucky BlueRTP 96.96%, Free Spins, Scatter, Wild, Sub Symbol
Book of PyramidsRTP 97.31%, Free Spins, Scatter, Wild, Multiplier, Sub Symbol
Caribbean PokerGood old stud poker with simple rules and convenient gameplay
European RouletteStandard roulette with additional betting options
Trey PokerA combination of «Pair Up» and «Ante» variants 
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    Harriet Amankwah

    14 Dec, 2022

    Thanks for the information. I really have to read it well again and understand it.

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      10 Feb, 2023

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    I want AVIATOR PREDICTOR app pls

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    I want to aviator pedector application

    • Akhil Nadig

      Akhil Nadig

      2 Aug, 2023

      Alright, let’s dive right into this. You see, I’m a bit of a whiz when it comes to the world of online gambling, and one game that’s been making waves recently is this little number called Aviator. Now, what’s really cool about Aviator, and a lot of these online games, is that they’re “provably fair.”

      So, what’s that mean? Well, it’s all about keeping things on the up and up. With a provably fair game, neither the house nor us players can peek at the outcome before the game kicks off. It’s all locked away in a fancy algorithm that only reveals the result when the game starts. It’s like a magic trick, but the magician doesn’t even know what’s going to happen!

      Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Can’t I just use some sort of app or software to predict the outcome?” I hate to break it to you, but it’s a no-go. Sure, there are apps out there that might give you some stats or trends, but when it comes to knowing the exact outcome? Forget about it. That’s the beauty of the provably fair system – it keeps us all guessing.

      But hey, don’t let that get you down. Part of the thrill is in the unpredictability, right? Just remember to play it smart and keep it fun. After all, that’s what it’s all about!

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      Hemant chaudhary

      30 Nov, 2023

      There is no prediction app brother as this is probably fair game…


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